Advisors Of The Inbetweenness Presence


John Bansavich, Ed.D.

Technology and Communications




Ramakrishna Puligandla, Ph.D.
Physics and Philosophy


Teck-Haut Cheah





James D. Sellmann, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean

University of Guam







Ariosto J. Coelho, Ph.D.






Michelle Smart, M.S.

Education and Art




Ernie "Godfather" Franic

Technology and Communications



George C. H. Sun, Ph.D. (Suncrates)
President, Thome H. Fang Institute, Inc.
Chinese and Comparative Philosophy






Tony Jaramillo, M.A.


Peggy Thayer, Ph.D.

Psychology and Art







Hussam Ali Khuzaei



Sandra A. Wawrytko, Ph.D.

Asian and Comparative Philosophy





James W. Kidd, Ph.D.

Philosophy and Poetry






Peterson B. Zhou

Philosophy and Culture






Dwaipayan (Dwai) Lahiri

Founder and Editor of The Medha Journal

Creative Thinking


Leo W. Zonneveld, OLJ
Philosophy and Science
Lisa Ornelas, M.S.
Cooperative Learning